ROBOID Launcher Privacy Policy
Application date: June 19, 2018

1. Overview
Hamster School takes privacy of users very seriously and takes care of user's personal information very carefully. In order to respect and protect the privacy of users, we have established the following basic principles.

2. Purpose of Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy explains how the Hamster School handles and protects the user's personal information, as well as the user's rights and options regarding personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to the user's personal information stored by the ROBOID Launcher application ("ROBOID") when the user uses the ROBOID.
3. Types of Personal Information to Store
The ROBOID does not store any personal information of the user and does not transfer any personal information outside the user's smartphone or tablet.
4. Protection of Personal Information
5. Change of Privacy Policy
Hamster School may change the ROBOID's privacy policy for a variety of reasons, such as to improve personal information processing procedures, to reflect changes to the service, or to comply with applicable laws. Hamster School shall notify the user of any changes to the privacy policy through the website ( or by any other reasonable means.