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Scratch : Hamster Robot

What's the Hamster robot?
The Hamster robot is a small and lovely robot for software education. It includes various devices as shown in the following figures.
Power on/off
Bluetooth connection indicator
Charging indicator
  1. Hamster robot
  2. USB dongle
Preparation for Class
  1. Software installation   Windows · MacOS · Linux
  2. Robot to PC connection
  3. Software execution   Windows · MacOS · Linux
  1. Standing and singing
  2. My precious ass
  3. Moving an object with the accelerometer
  1. Moving an object with the accelerometer
  2. Line follower with one sensor
Previous Lectures
  1. Ordering in sequence
  2. Repeat
  3. Debugging
  4. Repeat until hand found
  5. Move a robot
  6. Use sensors
  7. Use the default board
  8. Braitenberg's robot
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