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자바 언어 : 햄스터 로봇

What's the Hamster robot?
The Hamster robot is a small and lovely robot for software education. It includes various devices as shown in the following figures.
Power on/off
Bluetooth connection indicator
Charging indicator
  1. Hamster robot
  2. USB dongle
Preparation for Class
  1. Software installation
  2. Robot to PC connection
  3. Run example files
  1. Create a new project
  2. Work in the cloud PC environment (optional)
  3. Move on a board #1 (sequence, repetition)
  4. Move and turn
  5. Turn on LEDs and make a sound
  6. Command in order repeatedly
  7. Use proximity sensors
  8. Move on a board #2 (repeat while)
  9. Use floor sensors
  10. Use light and acceleration sensors
  11. Braitenberg's robot
  1. Create a board game
  2. Keyboard events
  3. Graphical interface
  4. Line following with one sensor
  5. Line following with two sensors
  6. Follow hamster friends (2 people 1 pair)
  7. Follow a wall
  8. Imitating a robot cleaner
  9. Line following at intersection
  10. Escape a maze
Extension Kit
  1. Assembling
  2. Pin/socket layout
  3. Digital input - Press button to beep
  4. Digital output - LED is on when it is dark
  5. Digital output - flashing twinkling LED
  6. Digital output - LED is on in tilting direction
  7. Analog input - Rotating the potentiometer changes the pitch.
  8. Analog input - please do not let it get hot
  9. Analog Input - Move along the light
  10. PWM output - LED light gently brighter and darker
  11. PWM output - LED candle shakes in the wind
  12. Analog servo output - hamster robot has tail
More Advanced
  1. Behavior based robot control
  2. Path navigation
  3. Swap
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